My Flower

by Robert Kope   Nov 14, 2015

The plant i found was not so tall,
It did not look like much at all,
With short, fat stem and just two leaves,
My plant was not much company,
Still, it was all i had back then,
I watered plant and gave it sun,
It grew up slowly for a while,
But You should see my plant right now,
More leaves came first, then with surprise,
One bud opened before my eyes,
One flower, beautiful and blue,
The next bud blossomed and made two,
'Til soon there was a whole bouquet,
More beautiful and full each day,
I Loved and talked to Plant until,
She figured out how i must feel,
Demanding more water and sun,
The nurturing made work, not fun,
I talked to my plant less each day,
Shut blinds to keep the light at bay,
Then by and by watered her less,
Until she could not convalesce,
Her pedals fell one at a time,
She shriveled up, that "plant" of mine,
She would have withered in my care,
So i let someone take her where,
She might be watered once again,
Gain light and conversation when,
He saw how awesome she could be,
Like when Plant was in Love with me.


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