Moon and Sun

by Shinobi   Dec 27, 2015

Know why the moon and sun dance up high
Raising spirits of humble beings below
Inspired souls make feelings fly
Strengthening dreams lived long ago

The night covered by brilliant white
Innocently welcoming her playful grace
No fright or worry but true delight
A warm feeling to forever embrace

Know why the moon and sun dance each day
Ordering things anew with each pace
Joy and love wouldn't lead astray
Unforgettable moments non can erase

Sun shines warming her soul
Hovering over her tender stare
Knowing her makes my heart whole
Overwhelmed by a being so true so rare

Visions and wishes fill a heavy head
Astonished by her never-resting admiration
Looking over words of love unsaid
Overly blessing this beauty's creation

Vanishing every dread or fear
Every touch filled with compassion
Your love and care amaze me dear
Overly perfect seemed in every fashion

Under the moons radiating grace,
I found a person whom I'll never depart
That feeling which nothing could replace
Forever I'll hold you deep in my heart


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