Halcyon love

by Trevor Hughes   Jun 24, 2016

The past we thought was fun and would last forever,
But now that we see the truth only love can prevail this endeavour.
I have not idea what it is about you,
But somehow you always make my heart go through the roof.

I feel like you are one of the many soul mates i will meet in life
Just let me in and teach you how to love and and dont be corrupted by strife.

Help me by letting me help you by you letting me in all the way
So i can show you how to live your life to the fullest i say

If you want this world to be a better place take my hand and trust me.

When we love ourselves and eachother and all around us equally then the world will see.
Equally we are all the same no matter what we are all one, the universe,
With you help i will start a revolution of love in man kind and make the world a better place,
Because if you live your life in doubt you will end up in a hearse.

Let me love you and love me how i love you,
So we can show the world what love is and change it and make it a better truth.
A truth of love is all i want
I will never stop trying to flaunt
Who i am, who i was born to be
Love yourself, for you are unique beacuse you were born this way baby.


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