Response to My Ex

by WonderingSpiritDiaries   Sep 19, 2016

Please don't flatter yourself,
If there were still any feelings for you,
I'm sure you would have known by now,
But those feelings are long gone.
What I do now is not any of you or your friends concern,
But hey at least they try to make you feel better, don't they?
BTW She has been emailing me,
Stating how glad she was that she had broken us up,
And also when you once again broke her heart
Because you were messing around with one of her friends
She also apologized for everything she did and admitting to lying,
But it's too little too late.
Now, if you are happy, that's great,
Go on move on with your life because trust me,
I will not be hurt or shock if you are with someone new.
However, please don't say that it is out of respect
We both know that if there had been any respect we wouldn't be where we are today.
I don't regret much of what we had because it showed they type of person you are
The type of person I should avoid in my life.
Move on, Live life and be with whomever you want,
God knows you've been doing that all this time anyway.


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