I dreamt of a love

by Kereen   Mar 19, 2017

I dreamt of a love I can not have
Of his kiss that did steal my heart
In that dream I fit so perfectly in his arms and he swept me off my feet

I dreamt of a love I will not have
A passion inside burns deeper than fire
I so long to see the eyes that took my soul
To feel the lips that will melt this cold
I so long to be inside those arms

I dreamt of a love I so long desire, a love that tortures me like fire
I ache for your touch in a moonlight kiss
I wish for a day you could be real, for us to sit in the sunset like in my dreams

I dreamt of a love so long ago and though I ache for you
Day after day
Night after night
I know it's useless for I do not know your name
But I do know you're not real
But the love that took my breath away, that love that united our hearts is
But until we meet again
My love in my dreams
Just know that I dreamt of a love that I wish to know


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