What If I had a million Dollars

by 2luv   Apr 29, 2017

What if I had a million dollars
Two? Three? Two hundred Fifty Four?

Chotto Matte Kudasai
A minute of your time

If I had money how much would I have to pay
to get you to come, want me and stay?
Ikura desu ka
What's the going rate today?

If I were rich and had some fame
If perhaps you'd heard my name?

What then?

If I stood 6 foot and O,
all beautiful me and so
you were a rock star could I
Be good enough in your music video?

(you are shooting it when?)

Watashi wa anata no yumede
wa nakattadesu
(I wasn't your dream
I guess)
No I know.

Love and pretty words for sale
wave good bye,

I know I saw the price tag
much too much

You see
When I have a million dollars
I would know why
you would want to be with me
(Because I had a million dollars)

If I had a million dollars
I would know what and who
and that THEN I would be
good enough for you.
Zettai ni

Nah not true, not then .

*Chotto matte kudasai (please wait a minute)
*Ikura desu ka (how much does it cost)
*Watashi wa anata no yumede
wa nakattadesu (I wasn't your dream)
* Ikura desu kana
(how much is it?)
*Takai (not George) (expensive)
*Zettai ni (definitely)

Inspired by music of Bessie Smith
(Jimmy Cox 1923)
Nobody knows you when you are down and out
(Mmmmm, without a doubt,
No man can use you wen you down and out
I mean when you down and out)
"When Smith's record was released on September 13, 1929 (a Friday), the lyrics turned out to be oddly prophetic.
The New York stock market had reached an all-time high less than two weeks earlier, only to go into its biggest decline two weeks later in the Wall Street Crash of 1929, which signaled the beginning of the ten-year Great Depression"

2luv 2017


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