Where were you when the ship went down

by 2luv   Apr 30, 2017

Where were you when the ship went down

high winds and a rough sea
terrifying waves awash over me
gasping for air
as I hold my breath
praying for a quick
and painless death

the ship is heeling as I grab my girl
and I am stealing a prayer as I
whirl and swirl
rain drenching us
and I can't see
going down, baby hold on to me
going down, baby don't let go
going down, baby I love you so..

and the band played on.

we kept a hold of each other
I looked into her eyes and
saw such trust amid demise
in another
as the wind turned into
a mighty gust
God I'm her mother
spare her please you must

hold on baby

we were swept away
good thing those waters were
warm that day,
my baby girl never did lose
hope in me
and I am forever
in her debt eternally.

she never gave up

we rode those waves
for nearly a night
when we saw that flashing
moving light
ever closer
catch those waves

Never give up
when she looks at you and
shows no fear
how can you give up
by the way things appear

where were you when the ship
went down,
who did you hold onto
so you wouldn't drown?

For Molly
2luv 2017


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