by cantchangeme   Jan 16, 2018

There is someone else that sees through my eyes
Someone to hold my hand when I'm lost
Not so empathetic, insecure or clustrophobic
A survivor who protects me at all cost

Recently I don't know if these are my eyes
Or whether they're hers and I'm in the behind
I'd be scared but I know her, I trust her
To keep me from loosing our mind

When she takes control, tears I can't cry
I'll walk with her, why should I care
No sympathy for you, no empathy with you
Because the one you knew is simply not there

She was born in a room with a broken window
On a Sunday afternoon when I was still small
She took my hand and told me I'd be ok
I had her now and she'd be there through it all

When I picture her she's not me she's taller
Wears all black and She's killed once before
She's the stronger person I will never be
But she loves me and I her and I walk with her once more


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