Can't call it Love

by Khai Montegrande   Feb 20, 2018

I noticed myself staring blankly on the wall,
Then I realized I was meant to take the fall,
I closely watch what had changed in me,
Then I was there back to reality,

I was so busy I didn't see it coming,
Now it's raining hard I can't stop it from pouring,
It's making me think I could survive the pain,
I was so convince that I wasn't doing wrong,
Then at the end I saw that I wasn't that strong,

I looked at your picture on my wall,
Then I noticed probably I wasn't worthy at all,
You were too good to be true yet easy to please,
I didn't have to put all the solve the puzzle piece by piece,

I am so weak I don't know why,
I can't take the pain and I just couldn't tell a lie
Because it's all there in front of my eyes,
I hear your voice as I lie awake tonight,
Slowly I remember that I can't take being apart from you ,
I close my eyes then tears started to fall,
Even if I wipe it dry still it’s no good at all,

But only for this time I decided to cease what I feel,
Hide the hurt though my heart isn't ready to heal,
And now I realize it’s true,
You can’t call it love if it doesn’t hurt you.


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Latest Comments

  • 2 years ago

    by Robert Long

    i really like this. I could feel the emotion so much and the last line truly hit my heart and drove the point through. Good write and keep up good work.

    The only thing I found on it is line 5 it should be see instead of saw for grammar purposes.


    • 2 years ago

      by Khai Montegrande

      thank you Robert for reviewing my poem and for putting up a positive comment on this one. I'll edit it. THANK YOU!

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