Happy Birthday with Love

by Errol Mondell   Feb 25, 2018

Blessing to you from above
On this day you were born with love
Another year without you again
As the time drift away my dear friend

Cast your troubles in his hands
For only he knows where you stand
Give him thanks for being alive
On the day that you arrived

Words cannot express how I feel
The beating of my heart says it’s real
You are my heart and my soul
Without you I could not be whole

Your voice I hear no more
It’s like time has closed the doors
I wish to hold you in my arms again
My colleague, my love, my dear friend

You may not miss me like I miss you
It’s a sad feeling when I think of you
I think of you every night
You are my one and only “Love Delight”

You gave me happiness throughout our time
A love like yours I will never find
One question I have to ask
Why won’t you let me into your heart?

E. Mondell


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