by Horanne   May 3, 2018

I look all around the room
All these girls, they’re the definition perfect
I look down at my body
And I realize, that I’m not.

Suddenly I’m not eating
I throw up what I do
I just desire the perfection
Like all girls do

At first it wasn’t much
Just giving up her breakfast
Sometimes a meal or two
But slowly, it turned into so much more

I would only eat a few bites a day
I would belch within an hour
It was hard to even look at water
Blackness took over

Months later I awoke
Strapped down to an uncomfortable hospital bed
With tubes down my throat
The doctor informs me that it’s lucky I’m alive

I still see those girls
Those perfect Barbie dolls
But this time when I looked down
Hell, I didn’t even frown


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  • 2 years ago

    by Mrs. Adams

    I love this i recently just went through insecurities about my size too. i am now realizing i need to be happy with me

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