Tracking Crying Hearts

by Ramon The SunStone Haupt   May 9, 2018

And as the light of fondling moments
dancing in a hall singing in song of a tuneful ode
making sure the night of cheer and hip hooray
dining like royalty yet staying as humble like pleasant folk.

making sure that man, woman and child joining in merry
but down the road through that rusty gate
my eyes gazing down on a woman with tears heavier
than rain, falling harder than the dew fall.

and I ask her for the reason or maybe the cause of this,
her mouth clinched, teeth grinding as hard as baked stone
but in her tears I see all the answers.

So I track away and gather myself
and I walk towards the cheerful hall again
thinking to myself that all she wanted was her smile to be merry too.


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  • 3 years ago

    by Ben Pickard

    A really well written piece, Ramon, with a unique feel.

    All the best.

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