Big Bang Ya All

by Ranbow Colour   May 22, 2018

Preempted eyes that see me.
Time that really knows me.
Everything around me.
Safe that's what i call it
Look both ways!
Only then i show myself to the mirror across the room.

Disguises people use that not what i am, naked showing everything who i am.
Everyone thinks that there the "man"
Every atom twitching wishing to return to the beginning.
The Big Bang.

All one, all everything! You and me, you gotta be shitting me!
Haven't felt like this since the first hippy at Glastonbury.
Crushed into a space never owned by a thought before.
Fired up by the fact you wanna know some more.
Even if you didnt it was said by him before.
You, me, Him has the same atoms as before.
And much more instore.

The whole eating itself, already told.
Already with its life time on hold. Then, now and future.
Deaths life a story alledy told.
Forget your #, forget your onlys but how can you?
Re writen to tell our story if it hasen't be told before
Bang! Or break the silence?
All is is is, and is will be one big bang contoling us all?...?


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