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by Ranbow Colour   Apr 13, 2018

And or ism
Make you the moment
Or lets all shrink into the now
Waiting for it to become yesterdays news
Know the now will always become the then
and ALL will be forgotten like yesterdays news

News. Let us all amuse. To the words given for the day
Put the woman in the stocks and the man in the gallow
Never less we forget that all is illegal
So let us be condemned by the words we read!
not by thought!


From what i hear...I saw it in the pap!
#sandwich rumors
#your towns rumors
#world bull smell
#cant swear!!!!!!!

Shhhhhhhhhhh its not right don't tell on me just because i see it right
Me and you because you've read this far
Not gonna grass me up are ya
lets have a think
Delve deep!
I once wished upon a star
This world of mine dint involve you
Shun your victims far from my town please


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