The hunt

by Ranbow Colour   Oct 15, 2018

Load your gun and point at me
Always been the target your looking for
Pull the trigger
What a cool breeze that flies past me
No deflection your words mean nothing to me

I try to go to ground
But your a hound
With that sound
Hunting me down
With your pack starting to growl now
Think i'm afraid of that sound?
Your just a little bow wow

All i need to do is snap
Hackles up
Teeth showing
Baited i show my true self
But ill never run with your pack
Why would i?

Me myself and I happy being me
I'm a stone that never bleeds, only a woman could change me
You've got a pussy and your gaping hole's talking to me
Put it away!
Or ill show my teeth again
See me now
Its not to hard to shoot down a "Star"

Fear me
I smell your sent
I don't need hound to hunt
I smell your c u n t
You, Me I never wanted this but now I see
This time i do it right


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