Am i the Devil

by Ranbow Colour   Oct 15, 2018

One Tick of the Tock
And that's your lot

This reality's gone
Now the next one starts
In one moment your made to think
It happens so quick
But yet to you so slow
Make the right decisions and go with the flow
The delves waiting

Bring back up and don't look back
Tales up and lashing
To easy living like that but times run out
It's always been you

Never to late to reach that pearly gate
But who's waiting for you?
All the people you abused
Everything you didn't believe in
Your a man walking around in sin
Every mirror showing you as you
Is this hell?

Go to where you wanna go, don't be afraid
You'll only end up where you were never made
Perceptions only the other idea your not a part of
It time for sleep
Make sure you have sweet dreams. x


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