by Walter   Jul 10, 2018

It seems so hard now to wake up to life
Every morning I get up before dawn
A realisation that a close friend I once had
Is no longer connected and gone

For so long that we shared everything
Many times through the night and the day
To emptiness now and I don't want to accept
Your words no longer will come my way

I am forced to endure what it is
Put it down to one of life’s lesson to learn
But life seems so cruel to do this
Another chapter in my book I will burn

I am compelled now to write to myself
As I try to make sense of these words
A small hope if I put this out there
My message might be read and still heard


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  • 10 months ago

    by Em (marmite)

    It's hard to face the fact we've lost someone close to us whether it be that they've move,just lost interest or passed over you say this well.

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