by Baby Rainbow   Jul 24, 2018

The need to be free is like trying to chase the sun.
It is impossible for me to forget you.

Your rejection shot me with an empty gun,
puncturing my heart with pain that almost killed me.

Honesty is expensive,
it cost me my pride,
my broken heart,
and my shameful soul,
to admit that I wish I could go back
to the time when you once loved me.

It doesn't matter how much I think I don't need you,
how much I do not miss you,
or that sometimes I am not scared of losing you.
I only deny it in the end,
and hold onto the love that I once felt from you.

I sometimes miss you so much
that I find excuses to justify your abandonment.
I must have spent so long hiding from the truth,
that I somehow convinced myself
there was a chance you would return.

But for now,
I am stuck with holding onto forever,
in case forever decides to come back.




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