Final Countdown

by Baby Rainbow   Jul 27, 2018

It's not that I don't want to stay inside your love,
but right now I am lost in the unknown.

I try to get closer,
but I am no longer trusting,
and no matter what I say to myself,
I cannot break the spell
that has been cast upon my shallow heart of ice.

I see your love,
often even feeling it touch my soul,
but everything is on fire
and I am on the outside
with the illusion of the flame fooling me again,
before I end up being burned.

I am trying to build bridges
of understanding with my past,
holding onto some faith
that you might pull me from the fire of my doubts,
and you will love me through it,
holding me closer when it's all over.

But sometimes I just burst into tears
when you say my special name,
because my icy heart can hear,
is the ticking of the clock
counting down the days until your departure.




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