For a Friend

by mike   Sep 8, 2018

when everything has turned to grey
know that i’ll be here to stay
in a corner in the back of your mind
even as it all fades to darkness and
when all the colors mix together
i’ll be here to say

i’ll never go
i’m here to stay
and even if you try to run
i’ll turn you back and show you the way

when all else fails and it all seems naught
have faith that i have not
in that back corner of your heart
i’m stuck in there and can’t go away
in your soul, should you keep it
i’m in the back to hold you up

i’ll never go
i’m sorry but i’m here to stay
even if you try to run
i’ll turn you back and show you the way

i don’t have it all together either
there’s battles fought, lost and won
but i see every day
that little glimmer that won’t fade away
cuz it’s you that is there too
it’s you that can make me stay

you’ll never let go
say sorry for being here to stay
and when i try to run and hide
i know you’ll be by my side
to help raise me back up and turn me around

it’s not fair, it’s not always appreciated
sometimes there’s anger
some days there’s tears
and though you’ve seen in
and laid awake at night in fear
you’ve been there to keep me
to let me know what’s real.

so for you, i’ll never go
you’re stuck with me, i choose to stay
and when you try to run
i’ll turn you back and show you the way
cuz that’s what love is
and that’s what love does
i’m sorry, but i’m here to stay
and i promise that won’t ever go away.

I wrote this for a friend who helped me through a really rough patch recently and it’s about reciprocating it for them, maybe not so much a promise like they wanted, promises are fickle and change from time to time, but for right now a desire


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Latest Comments

  • 10 months ago

    by Trampled Angel

    Thank you, friend.

  • 10 months ago

    by Brenda

    A wonderful thank you for your friend. That's what good friends are there for, to help you through those rough patches.

  • 10 months ago

    by Ben Pickard

    Did you close and reopen your account? Anyway, I still like this...

    Take care

    • 10 months ago

      by mike

      hey ben, i did. had an interesting night. long story

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