Circle of Life

by Catchy   Sep 22, 2018

Out in the open of a quiet day
Under the hot and steaming beam of sun,
Silent as the clean flowing waters
That splashed stones while it softly streams

Heedless dear, unsuspecting the kill
A merciless charge to end the light,
The frightening tiger of the land
Sneaks to execute its slick attack

Clueless dear on his savoring meal
Whilst eating it as if it’s his last,
Thanked the Lord for every bit
Thanked the Lord for his blessed life

The tiger still without a trace of doubt
Made its final grip for a swift pounce
Then mightily, he bit the dear’s neck
And bolted down his delicious prey

Then the tiger on the trampled dear,
Satisfied and calm, he happily sighed
“Thank you Lord for every bit”
“Thank you Lord for this blessed life”


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