Pieces Puzzling

by Ramon The SunStone Haupt   Nov 6, 2018

Rotating commandments shifting together
With pieces puzzling with an ending, never
My own way travelling by foot machine
Always thinking of another experience or just resting by a ravine.
Trying to be on guard each and every day
For now, the mission is to be the same way.

Begging the holy upstairs forces to take it away
So that all lives I meet remain in their style of play.

And may not all fall prey, to wither with slow decay,
The main aim is to remain with our grip during both night and day.

Racing our path down to mans building of worship
Yet others cannot enter well it is by choice
Or did they not gain spiritual citizenship
Politics, politics that arouses any kind
To keep the secret talking to their own mind.

They say harsh words spread like wildfire
As sharp as a new homes gates high wire
And talk from different positions to make you cope
Believing that you can find the weapons of trust faith...

And hope.


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