Is It All For Naught?

by Soulful Ensemble   Feb 11, 2019

Is it all for naught?
The kisses shared,
The skin that's soft,
The touching of our hands
Under the darkened loft.
Is it all for naught?
Hugs and greetings
Goodbyes fleeting
Hearts that beat with feeling.
Is it all for naught?
Those long farewells
Wishing each other well
The look on your face
As the last curtain fell.
Is it all for naught?
The magic in your eyes
As our lips say bye
And love is there--deep in your sigh.
Is it all for naught?
Our years with one another
The help we give each other--
That feeling in your heart you did see
The very first time you kissed me.


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  • 6 months ago

    by Milly Hayward

    The repetition of "Is it all for naught" works very well in this emotional piece. Milly x