La La di Da

by Blake   Apr 17, 2019

Its 6am and the anchor man tells

Of a tale to forget by dawn

The life of a young celebrity

This morning his ghost was gone

This beautiful man was everyone’s fan

But the villains are there by name

For he danced and he sang for them to enjoy

But all they would give him was blame

And while the widower made love in the dining room

After mother of two fell ill

He escaped by plane and alone in the rain

His friend had taken one more pill

Its 6am, two years gone by

He sat and watched the news

Then he got in his car and drove to the bar

To listen to the happiest blues

And while he drank his spirits sank

And rose again by gin

And a preacher came by with a prayer in his eye

And left with a parting ‘amen’

But no matter the song or prayer that he heard

His mind was somewhere to be

In distant fabled memories

Of times he used to be free


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