I'm Sorry

by Beautifully Broken   Apr 30, 2019

I'm sorry;
For the things I say, for making you feel that I don't care
For letting you down once again, I know it isn't fair
For always second guessing, every single word you say
For making you believe I don't want to stay
For the time that I broke your heart, that promise that I broke
For when I walked away from you and not giving you a choice
For every time I made you feel, that you were in this all alone
And for every time I made you cry, for that part of you I stole
For all those times that I got mad, when all you wanted was the truth
For when I told you I'd given up and you thought I meant on you
For not standing by your side, when you needed me the most
And for when I cut you from my life when all you wanted was to be close
For every single time that I shut down on you
For when I start to pull away and your left without a clue
For telling you I gave up on love, when I know that you love me
For thinking I'm never good enough, for always thinking you will leave
For when I ran away again, after you told me how you feel
For not staying close and fighting, for not letting these wounds heal
For every time I break again when I know your breaking too
For not always being there and standing by you
For telling you too late, about how I feel for you
And for breaking you over again with everything I do
For when I show that side of me, that I don't want you to know
For being a burden on you, and for this pain never letting go
For everything I say and do; not enough or just too much
For every single time I craved the feeling of your touch
For every single time I let her beat me down
For not reaching out to you, for letting myself drown
For when I told you, that I will never try again
For never wanting to have to go through all that pain
For making you feel like I was leaving you, making those tears fall down your face
When all I wanted was to give you just a little space
For every night I left you wondering, if I loved you or not
For every time I stepped back from you and left you on the spot
For always giving in to this war inside my head
For not fighting hard enough, for letting her win again instead
For every time I don't believe, I deserve to be here too
And for every time I made you angry for not listening to you

I could go on forever, I could give you every reason why
I could tell you everything, but again I'd only make you cry

But there is one thing I will never be sorry for, no matter what I do
I'm not sorry I gave you my heart and I'm not sorry I love you



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Latest Comments

  • 9 months ago

    by Milly Hayward

    Reading the content of this poem was surprising and thought provoking at so many levels. My initial comments and feedback were based on my own personal interpretation of what I had read but with hindsight I feel that I read much more into it than what was actually going on and in doing so went way off from the target of what the writer was meaning.

    There are so many different ways to interpret what is written and I would like to agree with Lilly that sometimes saying sorry and putting your inner feelings out there takes great bravery and strength of character. The writer has laid out their perceived short comings and admitted mistakes and in doing so reveals their deep and eternally strong feeling for the person that they love. Love can be complex and sometimes can be frustrating and beset with difficulties but it does not diminish the ardour of that love.

    This poem has certainly been thought provoking. It is the hardest thing in the world to have found the love of your life and yet be unable to be with them. I am a huge romantic and I believe with every ounce of my body that true love will always find a way no matter how long it takes. I will pray for you both to find a way to be together and am sending you much love Milly x

    • 9 months ago

      by Imperfection

      Thank you Milly for all ur ideas and comments x

  • 9 months ago

    by Imperfection

    You say your sorry and I know you are I know you mean it but not all the sorrys was needed and the ones that are I do wonder. I wonder why you did them and if that means cause you know you have will you continue? Or will you let me in. Will you stop pushing me away or will you now pull me in I know our love is hard but I also know it’s real it’s always been and never will die. If only we cud be maybe sorrys wouldn’t need to be anymore. But I love you and you can hurt me a thousand times you can push away all you like you can do all these things and more but I swear I’d still be standing there telling you how much I care with my loving eyes staring at you all I’ll say is I love you and you’ll know it’s true xx

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