by Scott Cole   Jun 4, 2019

keep your eyes closed, love
we're almost there
i smell it in the air
it's just alittle further
till your heart's at ease
soon you'll wonder not
what my suprise could be
breathe easy, love
slow your heartbeat
no need to worry
what's in store for thee
okay we have arrived
we're here my precious soul
our paradise by the sea
that spot we did meet
where you took my breath away
put my heart at rest
and that's why we're here, love
the time has finally come
for me to give my tribute
show some gratitude
to thee my truest love
so cryeth not
nothing to fear
only smooth sailing
when the dust finally clears
calm will come to thee
so rest easy, love
this is our goodbye
i hope peace finds you
upon those gentle waves
as they every so softly
embrace you as you sleep.....


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  • 4 months ago

    by (Olwin ) Lee Mcdonald

    A soft and tender write filled with love.
    Beautifully written and expressed Scott.