Until Hell Freezes Over:

by Scott Cole   Jun 5, 2019

When we first met
I was on the rebound,
My soul still steaming
My heart still bound.

I wasn't looking for love
Just a dry shoulder,
A friend to talk too
Not a heart's beholder.

But you reinforced me
Gave me some closure,
Said you'd always love me
Until Hell freezes over.

So we took baby steps
We started off slow,
And as the days passed
Our love did grow.

I fell for you hard
Head over heals,
That fuzzy feeling
That I did feel.

A year later though
You broke my heart,
Left me for another
Another sweetheart.

I just saw a snowflake
Touchdown far below,
The temperature is falling
They're calling for snow.

You're colder than ice
On a crisp Winter's day,
For Hell did freeze over
That day you went away.

You said you'd love me
Until Hell freezes over,
They're calling for a blizzard
And it's not even October.

Untill Hell freezes over
And all isn't hot,
Until Hell freezes over
You'd love me not.


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