we all are one

by KAZ ISHMAEL   Jul 27, 2019

I recently took a long trip to India
it was just for a regular vacation
and It was the time of Diwali
the festival of lights celebration

So I help set up the Diyas
and throw the oil for it to light
And they all said to me
Brother, you are a Hindu tonight

Then I went to Iraq
To visit my two good friends
They both were well dress
In the best Islamic trends

it was the holy month of Ramadan
so they prepared a feast after we pray
Then they all said to me
Brother, you are a Muslim today

with many, I stand at the wall
In the holy city of Jerusalem
here should be a place of peace
But it got so many problems

It’s the eight nights of Hanukah
So I help light the candles too
And they all said to me
Brother, tonight you are a Jew

Back in New York now
enjoying the festive Christmas time
By my Christian friends home
Having fruitcake and red wine

I carry gifts for the children
and helping with the decorations
And they all said to me
brother, today you are a Christian

And as I drove home that night
I think of the good people that I've met
And the memories that we've shared
and what I've learned I will never forget

Why can’t we find peace today
I come to one conclusion
It's the Governments who want us
The world to live in confusion

If we respect each other
Then the world will live as one
And from the kindness of our hearts
The hope of peace will be born

So let’s start with our selfs
And spread it down the line
I think we can do it
by changing one heart at a time


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