Till death do we part

by Adam marsh   Aug 12, 2019

Where do I start
Should it be the place where I broke your heart.
should i just start at the start, if i do that would pull me apart.
So I think I'll start at the place that'll pull me apart.

When I first met you I'd never have guessed that the your presence in my life would leave me so blessed.

The days turned into weeks and weeks into years.
But in the years came my fears

The fears of the side of me I never wanted to appear
The side i knew would destroy and rip the lifes of my sons and my daughters
especially my wife which I left with corruption.

The fear turned to jealousy
Jealousy to anger
And with one push it would all disappear 
The loss of love from family and wife 
As quick as a storm destroying all in its path
As quick as a fire that rips through a forest , leaving nothing but black and lifeless ness and a burnt out mess.

All I can try to repair
The devastation I've caused
Days into weeks 
Weeks into years
What ever it takes to fix what I've broken
And dry up all those tears.

The biggest regret is I let us get here.
But with your permission 
I'll begin my work.
Building up bridges
Repairing broken walls
Putting out fires 
Until all is new
And our new chapter were to start,
The chapter entitled till death do we part.

I hope you all can all forgive me
Truly I do
Cause I'm broken 
And nothing without you.

With all my love 
Husband and father.

Adam marsh


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Latest Comments

  • 3 months ago

    by Ben Pickard

    First off, welcome back to the site, Adam. This is the sort of piece that screams your need for some sort of release; the desperation in your words is obvious throughout. Writing and posting here may just be the catharsis you need to some degree.
    Keep building those bridges and keep trying - it sounds like you genuinely want to repair the damage caused, and that's a damn good place to start. Nominated for the weekly.

    All the best and take care,

    • 3 months ago

      by Adam marsh

      Wow ben thank you so much for your kind words. Your right I used to write to Express my feeling and how I felt at the time as I'm not good talking about my feelings. Then life took control and time went past and all of the sudden after 13yrs I took pen to paper and wrote for the first time. Some people like to run the problems off some like to draw, this is my release as you said. And would like to thank you for such a kind welcome back to this site.

      Kind regards

      Adam Marsh

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