All I Ever Wanted

by Cantchangeme   Aug 14, 2019

Fear this
This emptiness that’s in your heart
The way your stitches fall apart
Feel this
As sentiment dies and falls away
These demons multiply every day

And all I ever wanted was to hate
To be perfectly numb inside
But you stole all my faith
Became a person in whom I could confide
All I ever wanted was to live
Floating like a corpse without the tide
But now all I can do is drown
Beneath the want to be by your side

Feed this
This spite that’s burning in my chest
A hopeless cause even at my best
Need this
This want to be the owner of your fate
And all I ever wanted was to hate


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  • 4 years ago

    by Em (marmite)

    There's something about this that truly set of my emotions...