The End Game

by Wayne Gates   Oct 6, 2019

Finally figured it out.

I haven't learned jack, from others.
I always had to hear it from within.
Seems I had to discover it for myself.

It may have been shouted at me for years.
Then one day an "AHA" moment sparks; and you know.

I don't believe in an afterlife. But then again, I don't know.

As a child, I had no sense of mortality.
Now I have come to face it.
I always thought I would be so at peace.
Offering my wisdom to others and comforting them as I pass.

But as I have been trying, to accept my own actual struggle
With the process so far.

I don't have wisdom.
I don't have the comfort to give.
I have a lot of fear.
So my job now is to come to peace with my death.

Just focus on the love...


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