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I am a man who has stumbled many times. I have been on the road to recovery for many years. Most of my poems reflect that journey. Pain is my best creative motivator.
I hope you can relate to what I write and grow through the experience.

When I was a kid I would lose myself in books. Mostly science fiction, but in a pinch, the encyclopedia would do.
I then discovered pot. No more books, just getting high out in the garage. Alcohol soon joined the party and we were a happy trio for many years.
I tried to drop my new friends many times when they started to play too rough.
I got active in the Catholic church and completed my confirmation.
But my old friends called me back.
I then tried the church of latter-day saints and was even baptized again.
But my old friends called me back.
I tried a fundamentalist Baptist church and got into bible studies.
Again my friends called me back and convinced me to drop the whole God thing.
I then tried the detox centers.
I liked them so much I went back three times.
I then moved on to long-term rehabs.
Ninety-day program living as a semi prisoner.
That worked for a while then back to my old friends again.
Another ninety-day program and that one stuck.
My old friends are friends no longer.
But my craving to play on the train tracks hasn't gone away.
I can still get addicted to working, sugar, sex, sleep, social media....etc.
My latest and safest addiction is now playing golf online with other golfaholics.
This story is still evolving and so am I.
I hope this didn't bore the snots out of you.
Thanks for reading.

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  • For me, a good poem is about the message.
    Not a lot of pretty and obscure words slathered on like too much frosting on a cake.

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