Retreating Inward

by Wayne Gates   Jul 22, 2022

Are the times changing and leaving me behind?
Or am I finding myself
no longer connected with the world, I thought I knew?

What I perceived as being the truth is now debunked.
I once thought I knew it all.
But now I realize that none of us has definitive answers.

To think in absolutes,
and believe every answer is binary,
no longer appeases my search for truth.

The Shepard rules with fear and deception
and the sheep follow.
They have lost a sense of self and are easily led.
They yearn for the safety found within the flock.

I no longer dream of leading,
and can't bear the thought of sheepishly following.

So I am retreating inward, seeking meaning.
Attempting to see all the facets,
that cast off rays of truth and understanding.

Being content with the journey,
while knowing that the destination
will never be reached.

There is always more that can be revealed.
And that is as close to a truth as I can hope for.


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