by Domenico Sottile   Oct 12, 2019

You have been on my mind
For a quarter of a century
Of what happened before
is best avoiding the fury
They were also precious years
That brought us to the place
We now cherish without fears

You had your tragedies I had mine
Let’s concentrate now on what is fine
These are days of blue skies
The flowers are blooming
Before our eyes
The birds are singing our love song
We are where we belong

We are at the place
where we are needed
Those we used to need
are depleted
We walk hand in hand
Long and wide
is our time on this land

The air is fresh on our breath
We enjoy the mist
Of our good times
Long is the list
As our gardener
Reseeded our grass
We look forward
To our happiness
The small trees we planted
Are fully grown
Their experiences
Mingle with our own
And with their youth
We relive our own
The memory of ocean foam
Will always decorate our home


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