Con Air

by cantchangeme   Oct 18, 2019

Fade and shade are new constants
Constant change that connects continents
Corrupt officials who are incompetent
And don’t know their vowels from the consonants
Can’t hold their water, our ruling incontinent
I’m sorry if I sound incongruent
The pro’s and cons of having a conscious conscience
Or a lie, a con, so the convicts don’t know they’re on to us
To contemplate a concept or just accept refrain
To condemn the conspirators or start again
Control the colt in our hands or the one contained in our brains
Or pull the trigger...
And accept our lives as being forfeit, diluted
To convalesce and leave ourselves disputed
To continue on...
Or is this all getting too convoluted
Too concerning, too much of a mess
Watching our leaders and animals converging in sexual congress
To confirm our consent, to stand and stare
To concede that this is no longer the land of the free
This is con air


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  • 11 months ago

    by Ben Pickard

    I was actually rapping this in my mind as I read - it has that sort of feel. i have to say, as soon as I read the title, I was drawn in. Great film, isn't it?

    Take care

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