The Last Day of my Rejoice

by Ramon The SunStone Haupt   Nov 17, 2019

awesome talking with a stranger on a day,

mingling around friendly smiles but will go away.

I dare not perform that love hunters stride

yes the lady by my side gone she will be like entering low from the high tide.

but instantly a flash of when I saw my wonder,

I wanted that scene to stand still like very slow thunder.

for that is what I could feel in that moment,

almost as if I was bound down and could not show it.

I always tried to invite her about the first thought to love forever,

she asked me about all those love words put together,

as I tried and let her know, a knock to the head hit and suddenly could not remember.

since then my walk of shame became real

her distrust became her unsteady and then that memory played all over until my heart became steel.

now my new appointment with fright and all

equipped to fight the lies she heard

fire away to those unliving - im here to kill all the unready.


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