Choices of a man's Noises

by Ramon The SunStone Haupt   Nov 17, 2019

trying to march on to live life worth a penny,

but my courage with an up and down to show a clowns personality too much a frown.

with mushrooms seeking that other glint

where was attraction for that hayley,her plant- fresh mint.

yes, I hid my eyes through my sun glass reflection tint.

for me to hold you again but wheres your love? smoked out, farther burnt.

always reminding me that easter dance tribe,

the happiness or some other could not explain,

I too wanted you to help take away my shy thats hide the line sight of your heart was my aim.

fearing the night still with open air,

enlightenment grabbed me intensely allowing me to cope and bare.

I really did not want this place to end,

again dear hayley, I see you more than just my friend.


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