In A Calm Way

by Ramon The SunStone Haupt   Nov 17, 2019

overburdened with the misery of ones past,

but others disagree as they have the golden blast.

therefore jumping on a scale of justice,

trying to be right before wrong with so many muchness.

standing around seeing birds flee on air,

still researching a humans wings to fly too because we want to rule,destroy, no fear or unloved care.

and I was trying to rebuild brotherhood,

but when the older shows the younger, it will always remain understood.

and I too still see that blue and white running feet,

thats why I cannot reform myself to fight that brotherhood feud defeat.

yes cousin blue, model true for your own issue,

I remain as your bullet proof shield, no brink shoe.

and I worked myself with that angry man far up north during night and day,

let the chaos begin I am still here in a calm way,

still, still, my beauty of that lowrys path way.


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