by Ismelda Yvanna Peralta   Dec 25, 2019

I hear and seen that you are engaged to get married.
I am proud of you.
She is a lucky lady.
One thing I miss the most is our broken friendship that got mixed and thrown out the window with all the drama that was going on.
Most of all, I miss our friendship of what it used to be before sex got in the mix of all relationships.
In 2005, I met my best friend.
We were younger then and you wanted to be friends with a whole bunch of girls lolz.
Things just got complicated after that.
Last thing I need now is to move on too with my special someone.
And yes he is good to me as well.
I love him as much as you love her.
Hopefully we can rekindle our friendship and be on good terms.
I know things got complicated after the years.
I told you I was going to write a book one day.
We are all meant to be friends.
I did not like how the separation managed its way to ruining relationships as well as friendships.
I can finally say everything from here on out will be okay.
Go get married and be the best you could be.
I appreciate the best of this history.
2020 will be our mystery.


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