Silent Colour

by Linda   Feb 6, 2020

The violence in her screams,
It travels from her heart.. then seeps.
From her eyes it wells in pools,
In her soul, it's left to fuel.
When it flows its reflection stabs,
When it ebbs it exposes sad.

She muffles it with ego loud,
She stands out there strong and proud.
When she sleeps the silence whispers,
It's all ok..but blisters.
Not in song, not in words,
Not in sound, deaf..unheard.

Go ahead and claim your worth,
She stops and stares, that silent girth.
That beautiful and quiet peace,
That foreign language that lays asleep.

She knows not how, or where, or why,
She only knows her sadness cries.
She moves in close, then shifts away,
She wrestles forwards, but far she stays.

The gems collect, the crystals grow,
She heaves them over, to and fro.
For tiny moments, scattered light,
The rainbow streams, small delight.
They disappear once shortly hung,
And just like that, overrun.

From tiny moments tempest flares,
Through the shards she braves to stare.
Not once, not twice, but evermore,
To catch that glimpse of rainbow pour.


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Latest Comments

  • 2 weeks ago

    by Star

    I really like this!!
    “ For tiny moments, scattered light,
    The rainbow streams, small delight.”
    This is my favorite part :)

    • 2 weeks ago

      by Linda

      Thank you :)

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