Grit Girl

by Linda   Feb 11, 2020

When the throws are overwhelming and the tide just doesn't turn,
When the stars are covered over and it's the light that's really yearned.
When the space is far and wide and it's closeness that's deserved,
Turn of cheek and flick of hair, just refuse to heed their words.

In total silence she shall sit with a loudness in her head,
A drowning of complete sorrow, words will not be said.
A wish so far away to touch, a life unsure that bends.
A multi-faceted layer, where intuition does transcend.

Exceedingly morose, her foot is firmly stamped.
Sense does not apply here, she cannot change her stance.        
How can they chastise her when they know not what is felt. 
All those words they say to her, they hit below the belt.

The margins are all blurred, the fields are not yet marked.
The picture is unfinished, the whiteness is all marred.                                 
The resting place is damaged, the feelings are obscure. 
The peace is not fulfilled, her emotions fall demure.

A strength in placid solace is a talent in itself,
Strangely crazy feelings put up on to the shelf.
How does she carry on in life, how does she live through night?,
It's because her core is diamond, one that shines white light.


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