Devils Trickery

by BEJohnson   Feb 18, 2020

Broken bones.
Bloody lips.
Finally defeated.
Heart rips.

She screams for a way out.
Saying she'll do anything.
She can't take this pain.
Funny what hopelessness brings.

She's ran out of prayers.
She has no more faith left.
She called to him for help.
His deals have to be kept.

He filled her with hope
But things are never as they appear.
He came to her when she was at her weakest
He only said the things she needed to hear.

"He's shown He won't protect you.
Take my hand and that'll change.
I always protect what's mine.
But I'll need something in exchange.

Give me what's left of your soul.
Then leave the rest up to me.
I'll do the bidding for you, my child.
I promise I'll set your free.

Those who hurt you won't anymore.
Never shall they lay a hand on you.
That scum will never cause you pain.
For your soul that's what I'll do"

She took his deal without hesitation.
As he smiled he laughed on the inside.
Only he can break down what's his.
She chose to follow the wrong side.

He caused her so much emotional pain
She felt like she was a hollow shell.
This is how he feeds on his prey.
No one lives long enough to tell the tale.


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  • 1 month ago

    by Jay

    It was an interesting read, but I felt it lacked an ending.