Speedy Recovery, My beloved Country.

by Alex Yew   Mar 2, 2020

My Beloved Nation.
Once again
Successfully attracted the eyeballs of the world.

For the past 96 hours,
Restlessness and Fruitless Anticipation
Never Cease to Fail our Wild Imagination.
For this Supposedly-Unnecessary-Drama
Seems to be an Art of War.

Too good to be true.
A plot after a plot
Making some floundering in a Tight Corner,
Some playing the cards close to their chests,
And some have got something up their sleeves.
Coolness! A myriad of skillful tactics
Just like unreachable philosophy.

I vividly remember my country friends
How we played football and hide-and-seek
At primary school regardless the colour of our skin.
I recall my school days at secondary school,
More sweet moments than that of bitterness
Especially how we cared for by loving teachers.
Never forget my 'Kuda Kepang' Dance and 'Nasyid' Performance
When I was a sixth former on teachers’ Day.

Despite the odds,
I am still happily teaching
Having coffee and 'Roti' at the canteen.
My students are my priority
I swear we promote racial unity.
Seriously no time for these unpredictable stories.


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  • 4 months ago

    by Sreta Ravichandran

    Your poems are always an inspiration to write more poems sir!