Axis of Evil

by Alex Yew   Sep 29, 2021

This is an axis of evil;
far greater than any superpower on earth has
successfully conquered the world.
While combating it,
It’s throwing its weight around and hence tormenting everyone.

This is an axis of evil;
an ingenious traveller.
Silently, cunningly travelling around the globe,
reaching every corner of the world
as long as there is active and massive human mobility.

This is an axis of evil;
a great pretender.
Patiently camouflaging, ambushing in humans’ body; undetected
for days till the right moment, it strikes.
Causing unrest and chaos.

This is an axis of evil;
a powerful game-changer.
When on earth mask becomes the king?
Social distancing is the queen.
Hand sanitiser is a prince and oh
Virtual classroom- Hello, is anyone there?

This is an axis of evil;
unscrupulous and malevolent.
Devouring millions of innocent lives; worldwide.
Like a man out of his mind,
Nasty, destructive and unstoppable!

Sigh seems the endgame is still out of sight
as our herd immunity is far behind.
‘Stay at home,
The only antidote to welcome sunshine, for now.
After much sacrifice, will we successfully see light at the end of the tunnel this time?


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