What We Use To Be

by MysteryMan   Mar 10, 2020

Sweet memories fill my head of what we use be
Reminiscing on the good times we shared
While time doesn’t alter my mind
Its my heart that becomes impaired
I cannot physically grasp those memories
Nor do they fill a void where you use to be
How im trapped in the past of you
Held prisoned in my own captivity
In the beginning we were happy
The happiness transformed to hurt
This love wasn’t perfect
The flower too bloomed from dirt
I’ll stumble across old photographs
Might share a smile as I put them away
For in that moment my pain subsided
For only a moment the hurt still lays
We’ve become strangers once more
Something my eyes couldn’t see
Trapped in this fairytale of us
Vividly remembering what we use to be
As the sun no longer shed its light
And I’m forced to sleep and dream
That’s the only time my heart gets relief
For the pain continues when the suns’ agleam
Waking up to yet another aching heart
How this pain seems to never flee
Still reminiscing on the good times we shared
Of what WE USE TO BE.


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  • 10 months ago

    by Kate

    This is a little hidden gem. And I’m in love with it.

    The rhyme, the flow, the emotion. All of it works so beautifully together to paint such a painful picture. But one I can easily relate to.

    Not sure if it was intentional but changing “when the sun agleam” to “when the sun’s agleam” would help the flow. It was the only thing in the poem that made me pause for a moment.

    Instantly a favorite. Thank you for sharing.

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