All Of You

by Domenico Sottile   Mar 10, 2020

Why do you insist on being different
when you fear all those
who like you are not,
dear friend?

Why do you
on yourself look down
and pray to someone to do
what you can do better
on your own?

Have you been so brain washed
-like a clown-
not to trust
in your amount of power so great
you could even loan?

If your heart
is overwhelmed by guilt
be aware
it was by others built

Have you not noticed
as soon as you try to manipulate
you always find
that in the game
you are already late

Equally bad it is to control
as of being controlled
Heaven is where control
is neither imposed
nor received by your soul

Do you want the world
to do away with shame?
Then put aside
your need to blame

Yes no one is better than you
my friend
just as you
are no better
than anyone else as well
you are clearly unique
as clearly as a bell

I know
it’s hard to be optimistic
when you get
the bad end of the stick

You will eliminate poverty
if you compel sharing
to the wealthy
and you will see
how spreading wealth
is conducive
to better health

Keep on smiling kindly instead
and every one will be
as good as bread
and if
all barriers you eliminate
you may
all wars eradicate


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