Night So Bright

by Aearion   Mar 19, 2020

Sitting here at the beach observing
Watching the ocean waves come roaring
The moonlight shinning so bright so beautiful
Illuminating this sea of blue
Tonight so beautiful tonight so bright
I want nothing more than you tonight

Is there something more beautiful than this
Ocean roaring pounding waves at the shore
The smell the sounds can I really ask for more
Now a vision comes to mind
A vision so pure a vision so right
Dancing on the ocean tonight

You are a reminiscent of an ocean wave
Strong, beautiful, and so very hypnotizing
A shining star now illuminates my night

This bright star that I now see
Is not a dream but real like me
A dream so pure a vision so right
A person I want in my arms tonight
But like the ocean in my arms I can not keep
But the rhythm of the waves keep me at peace

Just like the ocean I am here to stay
Now pounding at your heart this day
But like the star I to will shine bright
Watching over you each and every night
Like you do for me this very night
Star light star bright I wish you were here tonight


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