Dance of the Summer nite

by Aearion   Oct 13, 2023

Summer nites spent watching sunsets
Nights knowing I would never forget
Marveling creations warms my heart
Admiring such work of art

Inside me feeling so empty and bare
Feeling cold breezes in the night air
Feeling the wind rush over my skin
Loneliness starts seeping in

Sunsets creating the night
While stars from heaven are shining bright
Delicate designs are on display
Expressions of joy upon my face

Heart deeper than a black hole
No longer a desire to be alone
What good is your life with no one to share with
The beauty of creation and breezes in the night air.

I can love you now if given the chance
We can both not think about a future we want to have
So not let us lose this magical chance
To be together for ever and have that one last dance


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  • 4 months ago

    by Mahal Ko Kuya Ko

    At first this gave me a sense of sincerity until the poem wnet suddenly sad. But I get that, things can bring us so much peace and warm but we are still empty inside for some reasons.

    'I can love you now if giving the chance'
    --- 'giving' shouqd be 'given', I guess?

    --- MKKK