When you are ready

by Rey Severs   Mar 21, 2020

Darling, I hear you, your heart's on the line,
I walk by your side, with no perception of time.
Days go like months, and months go like years,
I watch as you wait, holding back tears.

Ice with heat, and water with fire,
The fire and the ice, they never cease to expire.
But the cold, oh the cold, how it kills me so,
I smile and dismiss it, so one shall not know.

I am sorry, so sorry, that I am this way,
There's a fault in my code, what more can I say?
I want to give up, but choose to stay and fight,
For once were here is not lost, if both make it right.

I am tired my love, and exhaustion wears strong,
I'm out in the snow, and inside, I yearn to belong,
I want you, I need you, but what are these words?
They muddle up, frustrate me, my actions absurd.

We tangle these webs, once perfect and pretty,
But beauty is no longer once tangled..just empty,
This journey, it hurts, and this blizzard causes ache,
I cry out, but your name, I shall never forsake.

Please stop changing, I miss you so,
You say you'll stay, but there's hesitation to go,
Uneven ground will eventually steady,
My hand is extended, take hold when you're ready.


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