No need to feel

by ControlRobot   Mar 23, 2020

I feel a pain that I can not express.
I have tried words, I have tried actions
Yet, I can not find that sweet release.
I feel a pain that i can not express
It's anger, it's sadness, it's anxiety
It is terrifying.

I feel a pain I can not express.
As thoughts run through my mind,
So do tears down my cheeks.
I feel so overwhelmed, I can not think.
All the emotions at once, I can not breath.
Looking for a way out, a heavy heart.

This too shall pass, the words I hear
Take it one day at a time, the advice I get
If it was as easy, as done, as it was said, the pain I'd bear no more.
I feel a pain I can not express, save me from thoughts


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